Hello and welcome! I created this blog to share what I’ve learned building software over the years. Here is a bit of background on me:

I have over 15 years of experience building software and leading teams. I’m currently working at Amplify to transform education through technology. AngularJS, Groovy/Grails, AWS, and iOS are some of the technologies I’m currently working with.

Prior to Amplify I worked at Verint Systems, specializing in real-time call and screen recording to improve workforce performance. Here I sharpened my skills with C++, Java, IP/TDM Telecommunications, CTI, SQL Server, Oracle, Clear Case, and many other technologies. I also co-authored 6 patent applications, 5 of which have been granted to date.

I have extensive experience with remote development centers, offshoring/outsourcing, and organizational changes due to acquisitions. I have been on the leading edge of consolidating a wide array of products into a converged platform for several years.

I’m interested in discussing both organizational, managerial, and software development patterns, best practices, and experiences. Also interested in discussing career opportunities.

I believe in clean, well-tested code and teamwork. For more detailed informaon, check out my resume.